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Dr. Thariani, Dr. Boyle and our team offer more than 25 years of trust and expertise in orthodontic care. Our goal is to create the best patient experiences by optimizing treatment length, comfort, and cost to them and their families. We are honored to have been voted “best” by patients we serve year after year, and we are committed to community involvement.

As a team, we:

  • Strive for increasing patient comfort, accuracy, and efficiency using the latest 3D technologies.
  • Believe in patient and parent education. Dr. Thariani, Dr. Boyle, and our team are always available to answer all questions and concerns.
  • Respect our patients’ time by running an on-time, responsive practice, and avoiding frustrations by being active listeners.
  • Learn and stay at the forefront of innovation and technology to create best treatment outcomes and high-quality results.

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