Reopening Update

Dear Tbraces Patients and Families:

We hope this email finds you and your family in good health.

Dr. Thariani is excited to offer two appointment options for our new and continuing patients: virtual exams or in-office exams. In order to maximize patient safety and give our patients as much optionality as possible in how they want to conduct their appointment, we will let you know if your appointment can be carried out completely virtually via the steps we outline below.

The virtual exams and consultations are safe, easy, and convenient – all from the comfort of your home – and our patients have loved them! We are offering them during our normal business hours and on Saturdays. Here’s how they work: 1) Call (703-527-5654) or email ( the office, and we will confirm that your procedure can be done completely virtually and answer any preliminary questions that you may have

2) Our office will send you clear step-by-step instructions for your virtual exam

3) Depending on your procedure:

a. New Patient Observation Recalls (patients who have been placed on observation until they are ready to start their orthodontic treatment) and Tooth Check appointments (patients who come in periodically to have Dr. Thariani take a look to make sure their new teeth are coming in properly) are being conducted via video meetings with Dr. Thariani

b. Invisalign checks, retainer checks, Carriere Motion appliance checks and Expansion checks may be able to be done via photographs – Dr. Thariani will evaluate your photos and chart/records and either call you or write you a full evaluation regarding your next steps

c. New patient consultations can be done completely virtually over a video meeting with Dr. Thariani, and we have effectively completed many awesome virtual consults to date

We are taking extra precautions during our in-office appointments to make them as safe as possible. We are currently seeing patients in the office from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Here’s how they work: 1) Please call (703-527-5654) or email ( the office to discuss your scheduling options. If your exam can be done virtually, we will let you know.

2) In order to ensure the utmost safety of all our patients and the Tbraces team, once your in-office appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email with information about the appointment process and steps each patient must follow, including:

a. Completing a health screening questionnaire and consent form 1 day prior to the appointment, both of which you will receive via email

b. Calling us from the parking lot to check-in

c. We request that only the patient enter the office

d. Arriving at the office wearing a mask

e. Having your temperature checked and answering some health questions prior to entrance to the office

3) Braces adjustments, treatment starts, removal or placement of appliances and Invisalign 3-D scans are conducted via in-office appointments only, so if your appointment is for one of those procedures, we will see you in the office!

We are eager to assist you with your scheduling needs and look forward to seeing you both virtually and back in the office! Please contact us at 703-527-5654 or with any questions or to make an appointment.


Your Tbraces Team

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