Hani Thariani DDS, MMSC, PC

Surgical Orthodontics

Corrective Jaw Surgery along with Orthodontics

Corrective jaw or orthognathic surgery is performed in which the upper jaw, lower jaw, and chin may be repositioned to correct minor and major skeletal and dental irregularities, including the misalignment of jaws and teeth which can improve chewing, speaking, and breathing.

Orthongathic surgery is a possible treatment option for patients who have finished growing that have tooth alignment as well as jaw position issues that contribute to a severe malocclusion (bad bite)

This type of surgery can be performed in combination with braces or Invisalign® depending on the type of issues that are being addressed.

Difficulty chewing or biting food, excessive wear of teeth, a receding chin, a protruding jaw, or sleep apnea may indicate the need for corrective jaw surgery.​


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