Hani Thariani DDS, MMSC, PC

Common Issues

Crowding of the teeth

crowding of the teeth beforeBefore
crowding of the teeth afterAfter

Actual patient treated with traditional metal braces for 24 months at age 14.

Open bite - Front teeth don't touch

open bite beforeBefore Phase I
open bite afterAfter Phase I

A tongue thrust was contributing to this patient's open bite. She was treated with a Phase I limited treatment with an expander and tongue habit appliance and now she can bite into a slice of pizza! She is currently in Phase II treatment with Invisalign Teen.

Deep overbite - Lower front teeth bite into palate

deep overbite beforeBefore
deep overbite afterAfter

This adult patient, age 25, required braces and jaw surgery to correct his severe overbite, with treatment taking two years. His problem could have been corrected without surgery if he had been treated before he was a teenager.

Missing Lateral Incisor

missing lateral incisors beforeBefore
missing lateral incisors afterAfter

This 11 year old patient was congenitally missing an upper lateral incisor. She was treated with Invisalign for 24 months to make the proper space for a future replacement. Her general dentist placed a "Maryland bridge" to temporarily replace the missing tooth until she is old enough for a more permanent restoration, such as an implant. 

Underbite - Lower front teeth in front of upper teeth

underbite beforeBefore
underbite afterAfter

This adult patient's underbite was causing him jaw-joint discomfort and he wished to correct the gap in the front teeth. At age 21, he was treated with braces along with orthognathic jaw surgery for less than 36 months. 

Spacing of teeth

spacing of teeth beforeBefore
spacing of teeth afterAfter

Patient was bothered by the spaces between his teeth. Braces closed the spaces and gave him an ideal bite in 24 months. Special glued-in retainers help keep the spaces closed.

Overjet - Phase I Limited Braces

overjet beforeBefore Phase I
overjet afterAfter Phase I

Patient had an early orthodontic intervention treatment with limited braces for 6 months to close the front spacing followed by a twin block functional appliance.

Anterior Crossbite - Phase I Expansion

phase 1 beforeBefore Expansion
phase 1 afterAfter Expansion

Patient's parents were concerned about both aesthetics and the health of the erupting permanent teeth when they brought her to see us at 8. She was treated with an expander for 6 months to bring her upper front tooth out of crossbite and make more room for permanent teeth eruption. 

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