Hani Thariani DDS, MMSC, PC

Caring For Your Invisalign®

Removal and Placement

Your aligners are removable! It is important to remove and place your aligners as instructed. If aligners are not properly removed, they may break or potentially cause other issues. Aligners need to be placed as instructed to insure proper seating. If aligners are not well seated, treatment time could be delayed.

Your Invisalign® aligners should be taken out while eating, drinking (non-clear liquids), and brushing your teeth. Aligners should be worn 22 hours a day or more.

Reasons to Call Us During Your Invisalign® Treatment

  • Lost aligner(s)

  • Broken aligner(s)

  • Lose an attachment(s)

Playing Sports with Invisalign®

If you play sports and it’s recommended that you wear a mouth guard. You will need a special mouth guard for orthodontic treatment. These mouth guards are gel filled, which makes them adaptable during your treatment. The heat and mold custom mouth guards will not work during your Invisalign® treatment as you teeth positions will change throughout treatment.

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